Like the taste of Soap? Soberpod!

My AA friend Mitch (I call all my friends in recovery Mitch so as to protect their anonymity) always says that when you get sober, you resume maturing at the exact time you started drinking and using, thereby halting the process of most of your personal development. So, for me, that explains my potty mouth. … Continue reading Like the taste of Soap? Soberpod!


Sobriety, Rice Krispies and Papa Smurf

I love Rice Krispy Treats. I mean, love them. The ones my mom used to make were my favorite because she used peanut butter and I love all things peanut-y. Peanuts drizzled with olive oil and a few almonds and sea salt thrown in for good measure. Peanut Sauce with potstickers. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups … Continue reading Sobriety, Rice Krispies and Papa Smurf

Genesis 41

It’s been a helluva couple weeks, that I can tell you. One minute, you’re casually blogging away about Genesis, the first book in the Bible, while sparring with a recent diagnosis of depression, the next minute your blubbering in the supply closet over something as simple as some ill-timed constructive criticism from your family, the … Continue reading Genesis 41

Disappointment and Suicide

It’s like there is 2 distinct voices in my head. The first one is the more problematic of the two. We’ll call him Winston. Winston leads with his heart. Winston tears up when he watches movies like Dead Poets Society and Field of Dreams. Winston feels the dagger twist in his heart when he thinks … Continue reading Disappointment and Suicide

Zen, Sobriety and life with a Traumatic Brain Injury

I feel I owe you an explanation. See, over the last month or so, I have been acquainting myself with Twitter and LinkedIn pretty habitually (I already knew Facebook as well as I needed to) because I am working on creating a brand called My Zen Brain (and believe me, I shudder at my own … Continue reading Zen, Sobriety and life with a Traumatic Brain Injury

My name Is Andy Sigler

Hi. My name is Andy Sigler and I've brought you such blogs as And well, that's it. So you're probably saying to yourself, "Good god Andy, what is it with you and the Invites and name changes and the rest of it?" Relax. Because it gets even more complicated. Communicating with a man who … Continue reading My name Is Andy Sigler

Waking Up

You’ve got ten minutes, right? Good. That’s all you need for this one. I’m not in the habit of pimping for other endeavors on my blog. This has always been little more than a personal safety valve to keep Him at bay. to document my trials and tribulations as I trudge the road of happy … Continue reading Waking Up

Genesis 39:2

Joseph had quite the scam going. When I was in high school, I was in the theatrical production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. At the time, I thought that this jacket that Jacob gave to Joseph must have been some fancy-schmancy duster-looking thing with patterns and colors that would have made Timothy Leary’s … Continue reading Genesis 39:2

Riding the Cyclone (Another watershed moment)

The tired, old “Webster’s dictionary defines such and such as …” is such a cliché that I can’t believe people use it anymore. It is such a cliché, in fact, that my using it right now is going to be retro-cool! Like a man-bun or a Millenial wearing a fedora. And I got my definition … Continue reading Riding the Cyclone (Another watershed moment)

TBI, writing and circling the wagons

Recently I joined a Facebook support group for TBI survivors. Over the last week, I’ve been reading the posts regularly and its eye-opening how many TBI survivors there are out there in the world. I got so excited when I was accepted to the group that I almost immediately started posting links to this blog. … Continue reading TBI, writing and circling the wagons